2021 Holiday List

Sr No Name of Holiday Date Day Office O.P.D
1 Makar Sankranti 14-Jan-2021 Thursday Holiday
2 Republic Day 26-Jan-2021 Tuesday Holiday Holiday
3 Mahashivratri
(Maha Vad – 13)
11-Mar-2021 Thursday Holiday
4 Holiday Second Day – Dhuleti
(Fagan Vad – 1)
29-Mar-2021 Monday Holiday Holiday
5 Good Friday 02-Apr-2021 Friday Holiday Holiday
6 Cheti Chand 13-Apr-2021 Tuesday Holiday
7 Babasahib Ambedkar Jayanti 14-Apr-2021 Wednesday Holiday
8 Shri Ramnavmi
(Chaitra Sud – 9)
21-Apr-2021 Wednesday Holiday
9 Bhagwan Shri. Parshuram Jayanti
(Vaishakh Sud – 2)
14-May-2021 Friday Holiday
Ramzan Eid (Eid-Ul-Fitra) (Shavval – 1lo) (Muslim Shiya and Sunni) 14-May-2021 Friday Holiday
11 Rathyatra (Ashadi Bij) 12-Juy-2021 Monday Holiday
12 Bakri Eid 21-Juy-2021 Wednesday Holiday
13 Parsi New Year / Pateti (Parsi Shahensahi) 16-Aug-2021 Monday Holiday
14 Mahoram 19-Aug-2021 Thursday Holiday
15 Janmashthami
(Shravan vad – 8)
30-Aug-2021 Monday Holiday Holiday
16 Sanvatsari
(BhadPad Sud – 4) (Chaturthi Paksh)
10-Sept-2021 Friday Holiday Holiday
17 Mahatma Ghandhi Jayanti 02-Oct-2021 Saturday Holiday Holiday
18 Dushera (Vijiya Dashmi) 15-Oct-2021 Friday Holiday
19 Eid-E-Milaad-Unnabi
(Mohammad Paigambar jayanti)
19-Oct-2021 Tuesday Holiday
20 Diwali / Dipawali
(Aaso vad -30)
04-Nov-2021 Thursday Holiday Holiday
21 New Year / Vikram Sanvat – 2078 (Kartak sud – 1) 05-Nov-2021 Friday Holiday Holiday
22 Bhaiduj (Kartak sud – 2) 06-Nov-2021 Saturday Holiday
23 Guru Nanak Jayanti
(Kartak Sud – 15)
19-Nov-2021 Friday Holiday
24 Christmas 25-Dec-2021 Saturday Holiday Holiday

Note: The following days have not been notified as General Holidays as they fall on Sunday

Sr No Name of Holiday Date Day
1 Shree Mahavir Jayanti (Janma Kalyanak) 25-Apr-2021 Sunday
2 Independence Day 15-Aug-2021 Sunday
3 Raksha Bandhan (Shravan Sud – 15) 22-Aug-2021 Sunday
4 Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Jayanti 31-Oct-2021 Sunday

Optional Holiday

Sr No Holiday For Name of Holiday Date Day
1 Christian Employees Christian New Year Day 01-Jan-2021 Friday
2 Parsi Employees Jamshedi Navroz
(Parsi Shahenshahi & Parsi Kadmi)
21-Mar-2021 Sunday
3 Maharastrian Employees Gudi Padva 13-Apr-2021 Tuesday
4 Jain Employees Mahavir Janma Vanchan
(Chaturth Paksha)
07-Sept-2021 Tuesday
5 Christian Employees Boxing Day 26-Dec-2021 Sunday

Note: If any of the Muslim Holidays notified above does not fall on day notified, the Muslim employee of Municipal Corporation may be granted an optional holiday on the day on which the holiday is actually observed.