Academic Activities


January, 2018 college has conducted awareness camp on Neck and Upperlimb pain in College students. Camp was conducted at multiple colleges of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Students and faculties of the college presented a skit showing all the problems that can arise due to overuse of Cell phones and Laptops and how to solve it. This was followed by a short lecture on Prevention and Remedies for the same.


Taking into account our beloved Primeminister sir’s Fit India motto and WCPT theme of Physiotherapy for Mental Health SBB College of Physiotherapy decided to create awareness on Mental Health issues and role of Physiotherapy in Mental health in School going teenagers who are struggling and preparing for competitive examination. Entire event was planned and executed in a short span of 5 days. It was decided that schools and tuition classes would be approached. Rationale was to address mental health issues of students studying in 10th and 12th class . In the modern competitive era, it is seen that school children are placed under tremendous pressure to perform, do loaded work and entire education system based on enterance examinations. Over ambitious students and parents ultimately result in stress, anxiety, depression and many such mental health issues and their dire consequences.

Team SBB under the leadership of Dr Nehal Shah, decided to reach as many schools as possible. We could succeed in getting permission from 5 schools and 2 tuition classes from the city. We could reach more than 1000 school students in one day. Small skits that can represent the mental health issues in a dramatic way. Small presentation that depicts the mental health issues in school students, causes, prevention and role of physiotherapy. Live demonstration of various exercises that can help in overcoming the issues. Making school children perform aerobics exercises so that later they can perform them at home. Event was executed in 2 days – 7th and 8th September. About 60-80 students and 12 faculties participated in the event. Simultaneous event was organized at all the decided places. Students and teachers were divided in 4 teams each went to different place. Event performed were same at all places,but performed by different team.


Students and faculties of the college gave a warm welcome to the new year 2018 by organizing awareness programme on Text Neck Syndrome, SMS thumb syndrome and all such pains due to excessive use of cell phones by addressing college students of atleast 15 colleges of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.Small skits were presented to them following which they were explained about how to avoid neck pain and hand pain. 100 students and faculties of the college participated in the event.


It was celebrated with awareness on safe ergonomics in residents of Ahmedabad. Students and faculties were divided into 8 different teams who visited various places across the city on the same day and demonstrated skits and awareness sessions to various offices, schools, residential societies and banks. All strata of the society was covered. There was an excellent media coverage to the program


College organized a state level conference 5th Gujstate Conphycs in 2011 which catered 1200 delegates. The conference showcased seminars, workshops and guest lectures by eminent faculties, Scientific paper, poster and Seminar presentations by the students of various colleges, intercollege sports and cultural competitions.

College also organized a National Conference on Orthopedic Rehabilitation “CONOR 2013” in December 2013. The conference showcased seminars and workshops on Orthopedic rehabilitations, Guest lectures and Panel Discussions by eminent faculties in the field of Orthopedics and Orthopedic Physiotherapy, Scientific paper and poster presentations on Orthopedic Physiotherapy.